Specialty Cultivar Garlic – Award Winning Gourmet Culinary & Seed Garlic
We are passionate about garlic and bringing the best of the world’s culinary and seed garlic to Australia.   With currently 94 cultivars, we have another 45 cultivars in our seven year breeding program.  Our natural selection breeding programs rigorously cull for vigour, plant health and flavour for three years before releasing to the public.  Many of our lines are bred from bulbils for plant vigour and health and have proven to outperform parent clove stock by up to 200% in challenging conditions.

Each year we road test our garlic in our Garlic Shed Taste Tours and only those that prove to be genuinely sublime, interesting and unique are kept for future seasons.  We grow with naturally fertile, healthy, biologically active soils for plant heath and bulb flavour and are committed to growing organically.  We hope you enjoy our wonderful range of culinary and seed garlic.

Charlie and myself

Faithful friend – always by my side.

The Farm

Stormy skies behind the Garlic Shed and Dunganski in foreground.

Beneficial Microbes

Captured, bred, activated & extracted.  Ready to be applied for optimal soil and plant health.

RMFFA 2016 Medal Winners

The medal winning garlics for 2016, and also Champion Trophy, 3 x Gold and 1 x Silver in 2015.