october, 2017

22oct10:00 am12:00 pmSold Out!AEROBIC MICROBES - PRACTICAL SESSION – Breeding BeneficialsMicrobe Hunting & Breeding Approach of Aerobic Micobes. PREREQUISITE COURSE:  SOIL MICROBE BASICS10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Please ensure you have completed the prerequisite course before attending this course.

Aerobic beneficial microoganisms convert nutrient, suppress disease and pests, and in concert with plant roots, provide the broadest, and healthiest nutrient soup for plant health based on digested organic and inorganic materials as well as their metabolites and predatory waste products.

If your soils have been compacted, chemically treated or fertilizer impacted many of these organisms may not have survived and will need replenishing to create functional healthy soils.

This workshop focuses on sourcing and natural breeding methods of soil beneficial aerobic microbes in a breeding material that can be used directly in soils, or where microbes can be extracted, diluted and applied to a larger area.

This specific approach is intended to produce the broadest biomass and biodiversity of each of the important aerobic sets of microorganisms as well as a balance ratio between the different grazing and predatory groups that will be immediately beneficial to any grown crop.

It is not intended as a waste recycling method that requires pasturisation and sterilisation to kill weed seed, pathogens and pests (like internal parasitic worms from manures), which often limits the biodiversity of important beneficial soil microbes.

Topics covered include:

  • Thinking like microbe hunter … where to find the best sources of beneficial microbes
  • Pre-breeding dedicated groups
  • Input materials and ratios for bioactive digestive static compost
  • Inoculation and feeding of your bioactive compost
  • How to test maturity and readiness
  • How to apply or extract

Workshop structure is a combination of short presentation, practical assembly of breeding materials and microscope assay of sourced microbes.

Workshop will be held at:

Tasmanian Gourmet Garlic Farm
4241 Channel Highway
Middleton TAS 7163

Cost:    $70.00 inc GST per person

Duration:  2 Hours

Times:  Sunday 22 October:  10:00am  – 12:00am


You are welcome to make a tea or coffee using the facilities, however I would also appreciate if you washed your mug when you are finished.

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