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17aug10:00 amSold Out!WEBINAR: Start-Up Commercial Garlic Growing - Years 1-3 - 4 x 90min Interactive Webinars - AUGUST 2019An intensive 2 day workshop for new commercial garlic growers or existing producers expanding into the Garlic fresh produce market.10:00 am

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Start-Up Commercial Garlic Growing for Years 1 – 3
4 x 90 Minute Interactive Online Webinars – 17, 18, 24 & 25 AUGUST 2019: 3:00PM – 4:30PM

This Webinar Series has been created for those lovely customers and friends who have wanted to attend my 2 Day Intensive On Farm Startup and Scaleup Workshop but couldn’t make it for either financial or convenience reasons.

Interactive Online Webinars are second best to being on the farm in person.  All you need is a computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone (perhaps earphones) so you can see me speak real time and present information to you.  You can interact with me in person and by speaking – so it is in every way real time and interactive.  You will be given a digital copy of the training presentation in advance so you have time to read it and make the most of this great onine offering.

Whilst it won’t provide the full scope of the 2 day intensive workshop, nor provide the benefit of being on farm and seeing the equipment, tasting the garlic and networking with others – I hope this will provide the essential knowledge required to start your garlic business and optimise your production and sales success.

Having grown both broadacre and boutique and being Chair of the Australian Garlic Industry Association, and multi-award medal winner for my garlic, I feel I have a lot to share and look forward to helping you start your commercial journey.

This interactive Webinar will be broken into four separate Webinars and will include:

Webinar 1 – Know your Market, Select your Sales Channels & Match your Garlic Groups

    1. Garlic Groups & Cultivars – Climate Ranges, Harvest Times & Storage Duration
    2. Garlic Marketing – the new Paradigm of Gourmet Garlic & Culinary Styles
    3. What is your financial goal – primary income, part-time, weekend hobby farming, farmers markets, online boutique
    4. Understand Australian Garlic Seasonal Market & Pricing Trends
    5. Let your Sales Channel define your garlic production business – grow what sells best
    6. Production Scale – stepping stones of capital investment  – direct versus wholesale, setup investment, operational costs

Webinar 2 – Growing Garlic & Soils

    1. How much land do you need – and what tests should you do
    2. Rotation – is it really needed and what do I grow
    3. Soil preparation – the process and timing of works plus formed beds or inground planting
    4. Garlic planting material (seed) – how much, quality considerations & acclimation
    5. Cracking, grading, coating & planting – optimising germination, health & yield
    6. Weed suppression – chemical, mechanical or organic … the choices

Webinar 3 – The Growing, Fertilizing, Irrigation and Disease Issues

    1. Garlic – the growing rhythm – understanding the different phase and nutrient demands
    2. Garlic nutrient demands – soil fed, foliar feeding and liquid supplementation
    3. Irrigation – the different types of irrigation – pros & cons – what suits your climate
    4. Fertigation – is it important – different types for high and low-pressure systems
    5. Diseases – in your seed, leaf, stem, bulb & root – plus storage diseases
    6. Diseases – biocontrols and chemical controls – what to use, when and legal compliance

Webinar 4 – The Harvest, Curing and Storage processes PLUS Seed Optimisation

    1. Scape removal – do I need to do it, when and is it worth it
    2. Bulbing – how and when you plant determines bulb size, clove number and maturing cycle
    3. Know when to harvest – bulbs double in last two weeks, but each group has its own timing
    4. Deciding how you’ll cure – harvest conditions, temperature, RH & curing infrastructure
    5. Optimal Curing – highest quality seed, storage and bulb quality – arrest disease development
    6. How to harvest to minimise labour – hand, fork, undercutter – bunching or tray curing
    7. Separating Seed from Sale stock – Keep your best and sell the rest
    8. Preparing bulbs for selling – finish process and standard, packaging options
    9. Storage – how to store to optimise your long storing garlic – passive or cold stored
    10. Webinars are an online seminar where you are able to see both the presenter and their presentation at the same time and ask questions.  All you need is a laptop or tablet that allows you to see and hear the Webinar.

Cost:    $425.00 including GST

Times:  3:00pm – 4:30pm Sat/Sun of 17/18 & 24/25 August (may be room for some flexibility if all attendees agree)


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