The Glazed Purple Stripe group belong to the Strongly Bolting category, where they prefer cold climates (and elevations) and will always produce a scape that should be removed early to ensure a larger bulb.  Beautiful pale white to glazed purple skins without stripes and incredible brown/purple toned cloves with amazing strong earthy flavours.

They store for up to 6-8 months and are usually a cooking garlic where its strength of flavours will shine through any recipe.

Garlic Type: Hardneck, Strongly Bolting
States:  NSW (Elevated Only), ACT, VIC, TAS,  SA & WA (Colder/Elevated)
Culinary Type: Sauteeing, Slow Food
Storage: 6-8 Months
Plant: Late-April to Late May
Harvest:  Mid Season
Bulb Shape:  Pointed tennis ball shape
Bulb Skin: Glazed white to pale purple thin tissue-like skins.
Cloves Number:  7-12 wedge-shaped cloves in single layer, often with inner dividing leaf skin layer. Clove colours vary from darker brown tones to combined brown-purple tones.
Bulbils:  10-50 in scape.
Growing:  Develops 4-6 leaves before winter dormancy, and wants early warm spring and warm summer to allow it mature. Can develop 10-12 leaves with strong upright growth and unusual 5cm separation between leaf sets.
Harvest:  Harvest at 4.5 green leaves in cooler, moist or humid soil conditions to maintain bulb skins, however in hot dry areas, plants can be left until almost fully dead before harvesting.

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