The Rocambole group belongs to the Strongly Bolting category, where they prefer cold climates with cool/warm summers.  A genuine cold climate garlic (like the Porcelain) that will struggle in any climate with short winters or hot summers.

Beautiful rich, complex, deep nutty flavours and a likeable persistent mid-range heat.  A personal favourite for almost anything and a great blending garlic that can harmonise with others to add even more layers and tones of garlic heaven.

The only downside to these guys is that they HATE excess water in the soil and their somewhat loose clove skins (which are easy to peel) mean they have a shorter storage than I would like.  However, frozen, dehydrated or confit preserved allow me to enjoy them right through the seasons.

Garlic Type: Hardneck, Strongly Bolting
States:  ACT (elevated), VIC, TAS
Culinary Type: Raw, Stir Fry, Sauteeing, Slow Food, Roasting
Storage: 5-6 Months
Plant: Late-April to Late May
Harvest:  Late Season
Bulb Shape:  Pointed tennis ball shape
Bulb Skin: Marbled white, some touches/patches of purple tthick skin
Cloves Number:  6-8 wedge-shaped cloves in single layer.  Clove colours vary from buff brown to pale brown with some purple tones.
Bulbils:  10-25 in scape.  Remove scape early to allow larger bulb.
Scape shape:  Tight double or triple coil with white umbel during maturation.
Growing:  Develops 3-5 leaves before winter dormancy, and wants cool spring and warm summer to allow it mature. A squatter tall plant with wider, blue-green leaves that fold mid-point.  Scape is very thick and strong with very tight 50mm coils. Can develop 10-12 leaves with squatter growth.
Harvest:  Harvest at 4.5 green leaves in cooler, moist or humid soil conditions to maintain bulb skins, however in hot dry areas, plants can be left until almost fully dead before harvesting.

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