The Standard Purple Stripe group is believed to have evolved in Kazakhstan in Central Europe and be the original garlic from which all other garlics evolved from as it adapted to new countries and climatic regions throughout the world.

A strongly bolting garlic, requiring long cold winters and warm summers with cool nights.  To the novice it’s early growth can be confusing as it usually produces only two coiled flat leaves before winter dormancy. However when Spring begins (16 degree C days), it is capable of growing up to 3 centimetres per day.

Beautiful sweet, somewhat green flavours that become rich caramel garlics when sauteed or roasted. Incredible colours, large cloves and large bulbs. Must remove scapes in colder climates to allow for larger bulbs.

Garlic Type: Hardneck, Strongly Bolting
States:  ACT (elevated), VIC, TAS
Culinary Type: Raw, Stir Fry, Sauteeing, Slow Food, Roasting
Storage: 7-9 Months
Plant: Late-April to Early June
Harvest:  Late Season
Bulb Shape:  Pointed tennis ball shape
Bulb Skin: Some cultivars produce white skins, whilst others produce vivid purple skins with most inner skin showing vivid strong purple stripes.
Cloves Number:  7-9 wedge-shaped cloves in single layer.  Clove colours vary but predominantly purple-brown purple tones.
Bulbils:  80-140 in scape.  Remove scape early to allow larger bulb.
Scape shape:  270 degree coil with yellow umbel during maturation.
Growing:  Develops 2 leaves that curl and lay sideways before winter dormancy, and wants warm spring and hot summer to allow it mature. A tall strong plant with large 5-9cm separations between leaf pairs.  Mid-green leaf colour.
Harvest:  Harvest at 4.5 green leaves in cooler, moist or humid soil conditions to maintain bulb skins, however in hot dry areas, plants can be left until almost fully dead before harvesting.

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