The Subtropical Group of garlics are a unique warm climate, daylight neutral garlic that seems to have originated in Formasa (now known as Taiwan).  They are unique in their lack of chill requirement that all other temperate, cool and cold climate garlics require and for their short growing season of only 5 months in warm climates.  Another unique characteristic which often confuses the novice garlic grower is that it produces a terminated scape in the pseudostem – meaning that when prepared for sale, you will see a scape at the centre of the stem and bulb, however this scape never emerges from the leaves when growing and it appears as a softneck would.

Another great benefit for us in cooler climates is that Subtropicals will very happily grow in greenhouses and are capable of producing two crops per year.

Crop 1 – Plant mid-March – Harvest Late August/Early September
Crop 2 – Plant Sept/Oct – Harvest March

Being in a cold climate – I keep my Crop 2 seed in the fridge for 4 weeks to give it just a little chill before planting it again.

Garlic Type: Softneck
States:  NSW, Warm VIC, Nth SA, WA and GREENHOUSES
Culinary Type: Raw, Stir Fry, Sauteeing (perhaps slow food)
Storage: 7-9 Months (slightly longer than Turbans)
Plant: Mid-March
Harvest:  Extra Early
Bulb Shape:  Tear drop shaped
Bulb Skin: Normally shades of pale to stronger shades of pink to pale purple
Cloves Number:  12-15 cloves in between 2 to 3 layers. Outer cloves being rounded wedge shape and inner cloves are long and thin.  Colours vary from pink to pale purples.
Bulbils:  1-2 in Pseudostem – first immediately either within or above bulb and the second further up the pseudostem.
Growing:  Continually develops leaves with little dormancy during warmer winters, as long as plant has sufficient size and growth before winter.  Can vary from squat to tall plant with large separations in stem between leaf sets.  Can develop between 10-12 leaves with strong upright growth characteristic.
Harvest:  At least 4-8 weeks before Turbans. When bulb is maturing, the stem will weaken whilst leaves are still green and bends over till completely flat on ground.  Leave till leaves start to lose colour before harvesting at full bulb maturity.