Three free live zoom sessions discussing all tasks from choosing garlic for your climate and personal preferences, to bed preparations, pre-planting treatments, planting spacing and depth, mulching, fertlising and watering, harvesting and curing.

You will need to register for each of the Zoom Sessions by clicking on the invitation link below and then using the passcode that will be emailed to you when you login (please log in 5 minutes early so we can start on time).

These will be recorded and made available for a period of time for those who were unable to attend the live sessions.

These will be best viewed using a tablet, laptop or PC. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we suggest you test the link and install the client software needed to participate.

Free Zoom Session – ONE

Garlic groups, what to grow for year round garlic, how to store before planting and bed preparation.

Free Zoom Session – TWO

Pre-planting treatments (benefits – what they will fix and won’t) for pest and disease control and aid germination, planting spacing and depth, post planting applications and mulching.

Free Zoom Session – THREE

Winter management for warm and cool climates, fertlising and watering during growth and bulbing, scaping harvesting and curing.