End of Winter Garlic Growth Check

I grow in a cool climate region in Southern Tasmania and plant my garlic from mid-June and right through till the end of July.  Mainly because I’m very busy selling garlic seed to customers before this.  But also because our long Winters and cool Spring weather allow me to plant this late.This still gives my garlic lots of time to grow their Autumn/Winter leaves and develop their full root system before Spring growth starts in mid-late September when days reach greater than 14 deg C.

In the below photo – Subtropical plants are grown in the green house and are only 10 weeks old, the Turbans outside are 9 weeks old and the mid and late season harvesting garlics are between 4 and 6 weeks old. This is the number of leaves and size that is healthy for them at this time and stage of growth. If you are in a warmer climate – your garlic will be more advanced.  These photos illustrate the relative size differences that can be expected between the different harvesting groups – Extra Early, Early, Mid and Late Season.

Garlic Group Growth Check - Aug 21