Harvest Timing by Garlic Group

It’s sometimes hard to remember, when everyone else is harvesting their early season garlics, that the 11 garlic groups harvest have Early, Mid and Late Season harvest timings that spread over a 2-3 month period (climate depending).
And whilst it is wonderful to have some early harvesting garlics, the mid and late harvesting garlics are normally less prone to seasonal pest and disease issues, longer storing and better cooking garlics … which make them very worthwhile waiting for.
Here’s a quick diagram to remind you of the harvest timings and their sequence of harvest within a harvest timing … and of course a legend to indicate if they are hardneck or softneck which determines the number of remaining green leaves to optimise their harvest.
It is interesting to note that harvest timings for the different garlic groups can vary by up to 3 weeks each year and is not driven by dates, but by seasonal factors – accumulated sunshine and temperature.