Commercial Grower – Bulk Seed

We no longer supply large volumes of seed stock for new commercial growers, as we are focusing on our breeding programs and developing unique cultivars.

We do however offer a Starter Pack for Commercial Growers, where we will either supply small volumes of a number of different garlic groups and cultivars to allow commercial growers to “Grow your own Seed”.  We highly recommend this approach to both scaling up successfully and in allowing the garlic to acclimate to your local region, soils and climate.

Precedence is given to growers who attend our Startup and Scaleup Workshops as they have learned the recommended process to more efficiently and effectively utilise and optimise this seed stock.  We also support our Workshop attendees through mentorship and support packages to ensure they are successful in their first learning years where much can go wrong.

Garlic Seed Starter Packs will be offered from some of the established cultivars that have proven themselves to be optimal for commercial boutique and large scale production:

– Turbans
– Creoles
– Standard Purple Stripes
– Silverskins


We offer several different packages to help new growers establish and operate their garlic operations successfully.

From the “Call an Expert” single call option.  With no upfront commitment, we offer support when you need it on a call by call basis. Many have found this invaluable for plant, harvesting or curing issues – and with real-time videoing and high resolution photographs – we can get to the bottom of the issue quickly and effectively.

We also offer Startup or Seasonal packages of 5hr or 10hr blocks. This helps new or existing growers to have structured access and a step by step guided setup and support to ensuring optimised outcomes and avoiding the many pitfalls that can impede the new growers in the first three to five years.

We utilise both phone and internet video conferencing so that we can more easily see and share both information and documents.


Please do not purchase our newly released on-farm breed garlic cultivars.

Breeding does not guarantee desirable garlic and so we discard nine out of ten breeding lines when they don’t meet our high standards of health, vigour and particularly uniqueness and quality of flavour.

And it takes between five to seven years of intensive hands-on development to bring these to size, quality and volume before we can first offer these to our customers.

So we hope you will appreciate that we can never recoup this time investment in the initial sales of these newly released garlics and hope you will respect this investment by not purchasing these garlics to gain a quick advantage.

And if by some manner you find yourself in possession of one of my new breeding lines, please respect the name and provenance of the garlic line by using its correct name – not creating a new one.

I believe provenance will become very important in Australian grown garlic, allowing the public to select high quality lines by their well established name credentials.

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