Seed Clove Packs

I set high standards for Seed Garlic Packs, whether for home gardener or commercial grower. My seed is not left overs or brokens – it is carefully grown, field culled, correctly cured, skin, basal plate, stem and clove checked and all sub-standard bulbs, cloves and bulbils are thrown away. Each year they are taste tested and less than superb are culled.

This year I’ve introduced Clove Packs and Bulbil Packs as a way of accessing my personal excess seed stock and rare cultivars. All clove packs are size graded for consistent yield, so you won’t get any frustrating tinies. Community gardens particularly like the clove packs as an easy way to share precracked and presized cloves among growers.

Clove packs are added in March and continue to be added through till mid-May as my personal planting is completed.
Please check back frequently to see what is available.

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