Porcelain garlics have a definite cool climate requirement, needing 8-10 weeks of Winter temperatures below 12 deg C and cooler slower Springs.

However, being a mid-season garlic, they will usually harvest before excessively hot temperatures > 35 deg C occur.

Highly favoured for their large bulbs with only 4-5 HUGE wedge shaped cloves that will definitely NOT fit into your garlic press.

They have lovely balanced strong, rich, fresh garlic flavours, store for 6-8.5 months and are great as Winter Cookers.

Being a late-mid-season garlic, they have a growth cycle of 7.5-8.5 months and being Strongly Bolting, need to have their scapes removed as early as possible to make the bulbs larger.

Grown in ACT, cooler and elevated NSW, VIC, SA and TAS. I love these garlics for their huge cloves and strong flavours.