Renowned for its medicinal qualities, and also reaching into the culinary arena.

Not all black garlic is the same and will differ by the garlic group and cultivar used in the aging and fermentation process, by how it is grown and how it is made.

Almost all black garlic made today is made via the Aging Method, even though it is called fermented black garlic. Aged Black Garlic uses a range of temperature and humidity over a period of time and becomes black through the “Maillard” reaction, which is a chemical (not fermentation) process that is responsible for the browning effect on steak. There is no microbial (fermentation) interaction in this method.

However, both the flavour and medicinal qualities in Aged Black Garlic will differ dramatically from one producer to another, depending on whether they are utilising a high Allicin capable garlic group and cultivar, have been able to develop the medicinal compounds through long, cold growing conditions and optimal, chemical free nutrition and have utilised the Aging process correctly with the right temperature and humidity program to develop and stabilise the flavinoids and medicinal qualities.

Having tested over 120 cultivars in the development of our Black Garlic, we were at first surprised that we were not able to predict the flavour qualities based on a garlic’s culinary performance, but have also found a beautiful range of Black Garlic flavours that suit culinary and medicinal use.