BIOPRO PACK – Soil Enricher, Biostimulants, Beneficial Microbes and Biological Pathogen Controls

AU$47.50 incl. GST

Propack to prepare 10m2 of soils for Autumn Planting.  Great garlic needs great soils – abundant natural nutrient from organic source, on-demand feeding and plant growth hormones by soil microbes and pest and pathogen suppression by microbial controls. These are the same products I use to produce award winning garlic.

Incorporate BIOPro Complete Organic Fertiliser, Pathogen controls and an application of Beneficial Microbes in February, March and April prior to planting. Apply 3 additional applications of Beneficial Microbes throughout Spring and Summer with some fish hydrolysate and 1/2 dose liquid seaweed product fortnightly after daytime temperatures exceed 16 degrees C.

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