Black Garlic (Aged) – Sample Taste Pack – 6 Pots of 30gm Different Cultivars


Amazing Tasting Pack of Aged Black Garlic – from 4 different garlic groups and 6 different Cultivars (30gm each sample pot).  Not all Black Garlic tastes the same!  Different garlic groups and even different cultivars will produce an amazing range of flavours.  This wonderful sample pack demonstrates this amazing range – including 2 Artichokes, 1 Marbled Purple Stripe, 1 Standard Purple Stripe and 1 Porcelain.  All high Allicin garlics, grown in cold climates with organic practices to optimise their medicinal health compounds and beautiful flavours.

This range suits all cheese types, soft and hard, sharp and sweet – but explore yourself and find your own personal preferences. Kept in their clove skins for optimal moisture management and visual appeal.  Can be used in Culinary dishes, as has been kept to the soft paste finish for each cooking.

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