Garlic Culinary Pack – Box 3 – 4 Fresh Bulbs & 6 Pot Black Garlic Sample Pack (labelled)


Great Combo Pack of 4 Fresh Bulbs and 6 Pot Black Garlic (Aged) Sample Pack.  Great cooking, culinary and tasting combination.
Fresh Garlic:  Combination of Artichokes and Standard Purple Stripes – lovely strong rich flavours!
Sample Black Garlic (Aged) 6 x 30 gm Sample Pots demonstrating an amazing range of flavours – including 2 Artichokes, 1 Marbled Purple Stripe, 1 Standard Purple Stripe and 1 Porcelain.  All high Allicin garlics, grown in cold climates with organic practices to optimise their medicinal health compounds and beautiful flavours.


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