REFILL: Grinder Garlic Chips and Salt – Freeze Dried & Fried


Garlic Grinder Chips and Salt – Freeze Dried and Fried Combination

Our favourite blend of chunky freeze dried and fried garlic chips and salt that are perfect for use with coarse or fine settings on your salt or pepper grinder.

Grind onto hot chips, into mashed potato, on top of vegetables and amazing on cooked meats – this gives the perfect balance of fresh garlic zing along with sweet, caramelised flavours and balanced with just a little salt.

We love the chunky chips rather than granules or powder, because it keeps it freshness better, delivering amazing fresh aromas and flavours.

Only pure garlic and salt – nothing else added – and less than 25% salt so you get more garlic flavours.

Make sure to shake the packet before you refill your grinder.

Grinder not included.

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