Late Italian – All Large Cloves (Artichoke) Seed – 2 Bulbs

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ALL LARGE CLOVES – A new subspecies of Italian Late – with all huge cloves (no tiny inner clove set).
Taken from a single mutant bulb 6 years ago and now produces consistent bulbs with only large cloves.

For those that love artichokes but dislike the wasted inner set of tiny cloves produces in Artichokes – this is an amazing garlic.
Great Italian workhorse of the slow cooked winter dishes.  Sharp, piquant flavours that stand up to robust Italian ingredients.
Despite its sharpness – it caramelises beautifully, giving a wonderful combination of sweet and sharp at the same time.

Flavour:  Sharp and lively when raw – but strong and nutty cooked
Heat:  Medium to hot
Cured & Available – February


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