Oreana (Marbled Purple Stripe) Seed Bulb


New 2022 Release. A lovely new Marble with great vigour and lovely strong, spicy flavours.Favours the cooler and colder climates but with those huge clove sizes even your smallest of bulbs will produce very large cloves. Great plant vigour and size and as with all Marbled Purple Stripes – more resistant to rainfall during bulbing. Huge, easy to peel cloves make this garlic group highly desirable and this one is a good one to add to your collection.

Origin: Oregon USA
Garlic seed bulb size:  40mm – 80mm (diameter)
Natural storage: 6-8 mths+
Plantable Cloves per Bulb:  4-7
Harvest:  Late-Mid Harvest, when died back to 4 green leaves
Flavour intensity:  4.4/5
Heat intensity:  4.3/5
Flavour characteristics: Strong, deep, rich & spicy
Culinary:  Raw, Sautee & Slowfood & Roasting
Climate:   Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate, Cold Climate
Regions:  Cooler regions of NSW & SA,  ACT, VIC, TAS
Growth cycle:  7.5 – 8.5 months
Bulb Arrangement: Very radial rounded
Clove Shape:  Medium tip, fat squat wedge shape

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