Perhonnen Kahdesta (TGS – SPS + MPS) Seed Bulb

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First Release True Garlic Seed progeny – Amazing vigour, flavour & character.  Five years to produce from true garlic seed.  A crossing between a Standard Purple Stripe and a Marbled Purple Stripe has produced an amazing garlic with superior growing and flavour qualities.  A stronger flavoured garlic than Dunganski with improved cooking qualities and missing the grassy notes that some people can taste in Dunganski (including myself).  Fewer, larger cloves of a Marbled Purple Stripe shape but with the later harvest and longer storage of the Standard Purple Stripe.  Smaller bulbs have fewer and larger cloves making for incredible second season sizing up and also amazingly – the bulbils are larger like the Marbled Purple Stripe heritage – great for future generations.  Must remove scapes when first emerge to increase bulb size and don’t worry when it only grows 2 leaves before winter dormancy!

Culinary – Winter All Rounder – Raw, Sautee, Slow Food & Roaster (best as cooker)
Flavour – Strong, garlic, piquant, sweet, rich.  Best as cooking garlic for persistent carmelised hero presence.

Origin:  Breed by Tasmanian Gourmet Garlic
Garlic seed bulb size:  40mm – 80mm (diameter)
Natural storage: 7-9 mths+
Plantable Cloves per Bulb:  6-8
Harvest:  Late Harvest, when died back to 4 green leaves
Flavour intensity:  4.7/5
Heat intensity:  4.0/5
Flavour characteristics: Strong, garlic, piquant, sweet, rich
Culinary:  Raw, Sautee & Slowfood & Roasting
Climate:   Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate, Cold Climate
Regions:  Cooler regions of NSW & SA,  ACT, VIC, TAS
Growth cycle:  7.5 – 8.5 months
Bulb Arrangement: Very radial rounded
Clove Shape:  Blunt tipped wedge shaped

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