Garlic Groups – Identification by Juvenile Garlic Scapes (for Early and Mid-Season Garlic Groups)

Being able to easily distinguish the different garlic groups can be quite a challenge – scape patterns have often been quoted – however the juvenile umbel’s colour and shape make this a much easier task.
When it comes to confirming the garlic groups, we are looking for distinctive and persistent characteristics that are consistent across all cultivars in that garlic group.
The juvenile umbel base colour and length is one of those easy to classify characteristics.
Here is the Early and Mid-Season Umbels side by side and up close showing the pale, mid-green or blue-green scape and beak colours as well as the umbel base colours.
The easiest to identify is the Turbans and Marbled Purple Stripe’s which have distinctive purple/red blush at the base of the umbel. Both the Asiatic and Porcelains are the smaller, brighter yellow bases. The Glazed Purple Stripe has a small slight orange-blush and the Rocamboles don’t have any colour blush.
My late season garlic haven’t scaped yet – neither have my creoles – so I’ll update this chart as soon as these have scaped.
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