Seed Garlic

This is where my passion lies… garlic breeding and seeking out the best cultivars from around the world. All lines take 3 to 5 years to produce commercial size and volume, with a lot of quality culling along the way.  I set high standards for Seed Garlic Packs. My seed is carefully grown, field culled, correctly cured and seed quality checked. Each year they are taste tested and less than superb are culled.

Clove Packs packs are size graded and provide creative combinations for culinary and taste sensations.  Bulbil Packs are from my rare cultivars and provide optimised acclimation to a new region.  BioPro Complete Organic Fertiliser Plus, Beneficial Facultative Anaerobic Microbes, Biological controls and Planters Kit ensure you’ll have a productive, healthy soil to grow great garlic.