Rocamboles are THE best tasting garlic, however are also the most challenging due to their dislike of overly wet soils.

They have a definite cool climate requirement, and will often not germinate until a period of sub 10 deg C weeks have occurred and need 8-12 weeks of Winter temperatures below 12 deg C and cooler, slower Springs.

They are a late season harvesting garlic, so need climates where they are bulbing in temperatures less than 30 deg C.

Whilst they arguably have THE best flavours, they are shorter storers for their natural flaw of sometimes producing only partial cloves (storage rates of 5-6 months only).

They are a strongly bolting garlic, requiring their scapes to be removed as early as possible to ensure large bulbs and produce a radial patterned bulb with 7-10 large wedge shaped cloves.

They have an incredible full mouth, rich, deep, sweet, nutty, spicy and sublime flavour. Sautee beautifully and enrich any recipe. But not a garlic for the beginner.

They have a growth cycle of 8-8.5 months. Grown in ACT, cooler and elevated NSW, VIC, SA and TAS. My Rocamboles are ALWAYS the very first I used in my kitchen and I love them until they are completely finished.