Weed fabric – 1800mm wide – breathable & hydrating

AU$2.90 incl. GST


1800mm Wide Fabric – Price is $/m – MAX 5M for shipped orders.

A spun bonded, nonwoven, virgin polypropylene weed suppressing fabric that breaths and hydrates.  Important for healthy living soils for natural transfer of oxygen and water in and out of soils, whilst suppressing weeds.

In cool climates the black fabric provides additional soil warming benefits, but be careful to always plant your garlic at least 2cm below soil depth so that your bulbs are not affected by excessive heat that may develop immediately below the fabric.  For warmer climates, please ensure your cloves are planted between 4-5cm below the fabric surface to protect your bulbs from over heating.  Cut holes using a stanley knife or sharp blade along the length direction for ease of cutting.

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