Artichokes are a softneck, mid-season garlic with a medium to long storage of between 7-9 months.  Evolved in Europe as a high yielding garlic with a flavour that is more simple and not as complex as other hardneck garlics.

These garlics have their place in the European kitchen, particularly during the colder seasons, when stocks and slow food require a garlic that can last the longer cooking durations, stand up to some of the stronger ingredients and still be a hero in the recipe.

Garlic Type: Softneck
States:  NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA
Culinary Type: Sauteeing, Slow Food
Storage: 7-9 Months
Plant: Usually late April
Harvest:  Mid-season
Bulb Skin: Most artichokes have a nice white skin, however, some have a purple blotched skin which is the reason it was called a “red” garlic.
Cloves Number:  8-32 cloves in 2-3 rounds of white, vanilla, brown or purple cloves.  Outer cloves are largest with square wedge face, middle row is slightly smaller and inner row are tall and thin.
Bulbils:  1-3 Bulbils may appear in the pseudostem when under stress
Growing:  Develops 4-6 leaves before winter dormancy.  Has large, thick and wide mid-green leaves that fold midway and develops very thick stem of up to 3-5cm in diameter.  will develop between 8-12 leaves.
Harvest:  Before Creoles. In cooler, wetter climates where skin loss in the ground is a risk – harvest with 6 green leaves to ensure good bulb coverage.  If growing in hotter, dryer climates may be able to harvest when almost all leaves have dried out.