Standard Purple Stripes are an incredible strongly bolting, cool climate garlic that have large, structured garlic plants and a large bulb with 7-9 large wedge shaped cloves.

Best known for their incredible roasting quality and favoured by those who like a “just right” garlic that can be used for everything.

Produces large rounded often white bulb skinned bulbs (despite the group name of Standard Purple Stripe), but with beautiful buff brown and pink/purple cloves.

They have incredible sweet, slightly spicy, a little zingy flavour and are rated as all round Winter Cookers – but especially great for roasting.

Grown in cooler regions of NSW, ACT, VIC, Sth SA, TAS and coler regions of WA. Not suitable for QLD or Northern or Coastal NSW.

Being a late-season harvesting garlic with a 7.5 – 8.5 month growth cycle, it is important for growers with fast hot Summers to plant a little earlier to ensure they mature before climate settles into > 35 deg C days.

Essential to remove scapes when they first appear to maximise bulb size. Most easily recognised by their very long clove tips that grow up to hug the scape within the bulb.

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$9.25 - $9.50 incl. GST