Silverskins are one of the longest storing garlics at 12 months+ and I recommend growers grow either Creoles of Silverkins as part of their crop to ensure they have fresh garlic year round.

They have a large growing range, but as a late season harvesting garlic, need to be planted where they will mature before excessive heat of 35 deg C.

As a softneck, they will produce between two to three layers of irregular shaped cloves, with the outer cloves being larger and slightly smaller inner cloves.

Silverskins seem to divide into two groups – the ones with creamier coloured cloves have strong and sharper flavours, whilst the ones with hot pink cloves are sweeter, spicier and more flavoursome.

They have a growth cycle of between 7.5 – 8.5 months depending on climate and can be grown throughout all climates and states with the exception of QLD,

I love my Silverskins particularly for dehydrating, where their lovely mellowed flavours add a rich depth to my dishes, even when I use fresh garlic as well.