Silver Lady (Silverskin) Seed Bulb


Silver Lady is a new addition that has come out of our breeding programme in 2020, zesty and spicy tones and incredible 12 months of storage.  Strong plant that grows well in temperate climates.  Great winter cooker and dehydrating garlic.

Flavour:  Strong, zestty, spicy, lively – a little aggressive
Origin:  Californian USAnCommercial Breed
Garlic seed bulb size:  40mm – 70mm (diameter)
Natural storage: 12 mths+
Plantable Cloves per Bulb:  9-15
Harvest:  Late Harvest, when died back to 6 green leaves
Flavour intensity:  4.7/5
Heat intensity:  4.7/5
Flavour characteristics:  Strong, zestty, spicy, lively – a little aggressive
Culinary:  Raw, Sautee & Slowfood
Climate:  Mediterranean, Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate, Cold Climate
Regions:  NSW, ACT, VIC, SA & TAS, WA
Growth cycle:  7.5 – 8.5 months
Bulb Arrangement: Oblong to rounded teardrop shape, pink skin
Clove Shape:  Irregular rounded wedge & petal shapes

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