Asiatic garlics look a little like Turbans, but are very different. Being an Early-mid-season (not an early-season garlic like Turbans), they harvest 2-4 weeks later, have fewer, much darker coloured cloves – but of greatest difference – their flavours are much stronger, intense, hot and spicy.

They are weakly bolting, meaning they only produce a scape in cooler climates, but when they do, their scape is very noticeably different – with a long tubular beak and only 4-5 large pea-sized bulbils.

Often Korean in origin, you can understand why these garlics that have been nurtured and shaped by these cultures are so strong, spicy and hot.

Grown in all states with the exception of QLD, where can only be grown in cooler, elevated regions or with special vernalisation treatments.

Producing a lovely purple bulb, with fewer, larger 5-6 cloves only in a radial pattern.

Great for stirfrying, sauteeing, slow food and roasting.

Spicy Korean Mountain (Asiatic)
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