Deerfield (Rocambole) – 25 Bulbil Pack

AU$15.00/ 25 bulbils


Rocamboles can be quickly grown from bulbils to usable bulb size in two seasons and large bulb size in three seasons.  Rocambole bulbils are large, almost pea size and are the best way to multiply your stock, acclimate to your local climate and soils and produce healthy, disease free seed stock.

Plant in April and you will get small 4 cloves bulbs or plant in September and get large single round that will produce a commercial bulb the following season.
Whilst you might be tempted to leave the scapes on to produce more bulbils, the resultant bulbs will be much smaller because you do.  I strongly suggest removing scapes until you have developed your seed stock volumes.

Pack- 25 bulbils
Available for Pre-Order – March

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