Garlic Guide – Culinary, Culture & Climate (Foldable, laminated 32 panel guide)

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GARLIC GUIDE – Culinary, Culture & Climate

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Experience the Amazing World of Garlic
  • 11 garlic groups shaped by climate
  • 1,000’s of cultivars shaped by cultures
  • 5 culinary styles shaped by seasonal use
  • Early harvesting, great cooking & long storing garlic groups for year-round garlic

Once you’ve experienced the difference, you will never cook pasta without an Italian Artichoke, paella without a Spanish Creole, Korean without an Asiatic, Indian without a Silverskin, Stirfry without a Turban or roasted garlic without the perfection of a Standard Purple Stripe.

Format:  A fully laminated, foldable garlic guide, 1008mm x 440mm fully opened (double-sided) and folds to 220mm x 126mm for easy storage and handling.


  1. Climate range match for each of the garlic groups
  2. Climate definitions so there’s no guessing
  3. Garlic group family tree structure to define bolting behaviour
  4. Culinary chart showing storage, growth cycles, culinary styles and flavour intensities
  5. Detailed Garlic Group panels with bulb identification characteristics, culture, culinary and cultivar examples
  6. Climate range suggestions on best garlic groups to grow for year round culinary enjoyment
  7. Garlic groups that produce huge and large cloves

Choose the right garlic to suit your culinary styles, raw, stirfry, saute, slow food or roasting, choose your perfect flavour characteristics and strength and enjoy your favourite cultural flavours to create those perfect authentic recipes all year round.

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