Garlic Guide – Pests and Diseases VOLUME 1 (Foldable, laminated 32 panel guide)

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Garlic Guide – Pests and Diseases VOLUME 1

23 Most common and serious garlic pests and diseases

A stunning visual guide with clear key descriptors and images of fungal and bacterial diseases, viruses and pests.  Includes pathology, impacts and treatment as well as guidelines on how to prevent, protect and cure.

  • Large colour images and descriptions.
  • Full lifecycle stages of progression.
  • Key pest and disease identifiers.
  • Conditions, impact and treatment.
  • Prevention, protection and cures.

Format:  A fully laminated, foldable garlic guide, 1008mm x 440mm fully opened (double-sided) and folds to 220mm x 126mm for easy storage and handling.

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