Perfect for Winter Cheese Plate – Try all Black Garlic (4 x 100gm)

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Combined 100gm each of all four Aged Black Garlic varieties … perfect for a shared cheese plate range of soft, hard and strong.

Yalandra (Aged Black Garlic) 100gm – Sharp, strong, fruity with tamarind, pomegranate and molasses flavours … sweet, tangy and tart all at the same time … voted best in stand-alone tastings  …. aged in clove skin and with a perfect paste finish. Amazing with younger and softer cheeses and exceptional with brie, camembert, edam, swiss, wash rind, cheddar, goat and sheep cheeses.

Plum Pudding (Aged Black Garlic) 100gm – Dark, deep, rich, date, molasses and tamarind flavours ….  Fabulous with hard and strong flavoured – but exceptional with vintage cheddars, blue, hard goat and sheep cheeses.  A firm favourite for many and hard not to put on a place of cheese or for any other use.

Porsono (Aged Black Garlic) 100gm – Complex, dark and sweet, apple, balsamic, a little charcoal … a rounder flavour that blooms and evolves.   Outstanding with all hard and strong flavoured cheeses – offering both balanced acidity and sweetness – Wonderful harmony and blooming of flavours with vintage cheddars, blue, hard goat and sheep cheeses.  Voted absolute best with hard goat and sheep.

Sympini (Aged Black Garlic) 100gm – Blood orange, brown sugar, fruit liqueur and nectarines … sweet and smooth … compliments everything.  Fruity, with a touch of spice.  Taster’s favourite across all cheese types, very versatile for all cheese and cheese eaters.

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