Garlic Butter Blend Perfection


Garlic Butter Blend Perfection

This is a perfect blend of three garlic cultivars (2 x freeze dried and 1 x fried) – all with buttery, creamy and rich caramelised flavours that go perfectly with butter to make the garlic butter perfection. Just pop a teaspoon (or as much as you like) with butter in a small saucepan or in a bowl in the microwave and heat until the butter loses its opacity and becomes transparent – no longer.  For the microwave – its usually between 30- 40 seconds.  This will infuse the butter with all the amazing flavours.

Then go crazy with your imagination.  Put on naan to make garlic butter naan, in mash potatoes, over steamed vegetables, over steak or meats, drizzle on top of a soup or warm salad.

INGREDIENTS:  100% pure garlic organically grown on our farm, light olive oil

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