Freeze Dried Garlic Slices – European Sharp and Creamy


Freeze Dried Garlic Slices – European Sharp and Creamy
50gm = 500gm rehydrated garlic
125gm = 1.25kg rehydrated garlic

Select Italian and European garlic cultivars with sharp, piquant and creamy flavours – less sweeter than the other freeze dried garlic products to give authenticity to those French and Italian recipes that needs sharpness and less sweetness, but do have natural creamy notes to balance the sharpness.

The perfect pantry option for all your culinary garlic needs.  Freeze drying retains 97% of its nutritional value and all of the fresh, intense garlic flavours that cook perfectly in sauteing, slow food and frying.  Produced in slices to maximise preparation options – use as is, easily dice or crush into a powder.

Easy to use, as it has the same volume as fresh garlic but is lighter (90% of original weight), so when your recipe says you need one clove – you can easily image how many slices this would be (3-5 slices).

HOW TO USE:  Rehydrate if sauteing, or simply add directly into a recipe when you add your liquids (water, stock, tinned tomatoes, creamy, coconut milk etc).
REHYDRATE:  Soak for 10 minutes in hot tap water, then drain.

Made from our on-farm grown organic garlic with absolutely nothing added.

1 gm of freeze dried garlic = 3 cloves


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