Garlic Chip Grinder filled with 70gms of Garlic Chips and Salt


Garlic GRINDER filled with 70gm of Garlic Grinder Chips and Salt – Freeze Dried and Fried Combination

The perfect solution for lazy garlic lovers – spread a little garlic magic on everything.  We’ve filled the perfect garlic chip grinder with 70gms of Garlic Grinder Chips and Salt – so its ready to use.  This new grinder is easy to fill with a screw on glass base with open top, has infinite adjustments so you can enjoy fine grinds or all the way to chunky chips and has a cap to keep in the freshness and avoid crumbs on your table.

Simply buy the refill packets of Garlic Grinder Ships and Salt when you run out.

Only pure garlic and salt – nothing else added – and less than 25% salt so you get more garlic flavours.

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