Black Garlic (Aged) – Plum Pudding in Clove Skin – 1 KG

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Plum Pudding (Aged Black Garlic) made to strict medicinal black garlic process and from one of my own new breeding lines.  Its name came from my customers who instantly said it tasted like “Plum Pudding with caramel date sauce”.  Dark, rich, date, molasses and tamarind flavours.  Kept in their clove skins for optimal moisture management and visual appeal.

The health qualities of garlic are innumerable, but are found only in freshly crushed garlic eaten raw and are destroyed by the cooking process.

Aged Black Garlic is new to the culinary market, but has been used in Asia as a medicinal treatment for over 2,000 years.  The medicinal qualities have been stabilised through the aging process and are more gentle on the stomach compared to raw garlic.   In the last 10 years, Aged Black Garlic has found its way into cuisine and is renowned worldwide for its incredible complex flavours (umami).  Enjoyed with cheese (like a fruit paste), or added to pizza, pasta, soups, risotto … almost any dish – it adds a richness of flavour.  Or for medicinal immune building, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits – eat a clove a day (delicious).

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