Yalandra – Black Garlic (Aged) in Clove Skin


Sharp, strong, fruity with tamarind, pomegranate and molasses flavours … sweet, tangy and tart all at the same time … voted best in stand-alone tastings  …. aged in clove skin and with a perfect paste finish.

Yalandra (Aged Black Garlic) is an exceptional black garlic made from pure garlic (nothing added) and has incredible flavours unique to its original garlic variety, grown organically and perfectly cured.  Much fruitier, sweet and tart than the other aged black garlic varieties and favoured by those who eat it right out of the container and for culinary and medicinal use. Kept in their clove skins for optimal moisture management and visual appeal.

Cheese Matches:  All but specifically great with the younger and softer cheeses and exceptional with brie, camembert, edam, swiss, wash rind, cheddar, goat and sheep cheeses.

Heath:  The health qualities of garlic are innumerable however black garlic intensifies and preserves medicinal qualities in an easy to digest form.  Immune building, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits – eat a clove a day (delicious).

Culinary:  Enjoyed with pizza, pasta, soups, risotto … almost any dish – it adds a richness of flavour.

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