Fried Garlic Slices


Fried Garlic Slices

I can’t stop eating these.  I put these on and in absolutely everything … amazingly delicious!

When I cook with garlic, I use fresh or freeze dried … but there is NOTHING like fried garlic slices as a topping, or crushed up and mixed into or on top of dishes. On top of meats, sprinkled on vegetables, mixed into mashed potato, cooked with chinese brocolli and hoisin sauce or thrown into a salad.

They are sweet, garlicky, caramelised and simply amazing – and we’ve ensure that consistent perfect thickness to make sure they are crunchy all the way through.

You’ll be surprised at how far a small packet will go.  But be warned – you will find it really difficult to stop adding them to everything … or even simply eating them like a snack.

Gently cooked in a light olive oil to keep the beautiful garlic flavour and only until a slight straw colouring to keep the perfect garlic flavour without bitterness.

INGREDIENTS:  Made from our on-farm grown organic garlic with premium light olive oil.


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