Georgian Stride (Turban) Seed Bulb

AU$10.95 incl. GST

Classic Georgian Turban.  Large, strong plant, thick purple bulb skins and striking pink vanilla clove skins. Strong, broad authentic Turban nutty flavours, good dash of heat of Euro-Russian origins.  Similar in strength to Italian turbans … just with a slightly stronger, broader European flavour profile.

Origin:  Brought out to Australia during 80’s immigration
Garlic seed bulb size:  40mm – 80mm (diameter)
Natural storage: 4-5 mths
Plantable Cloves per Bulb:  7-9
Harvest:  Early Harvest, when died back to 4 green leaves
Flavour intensity:  4.7/5
Heat intensity:  4.5/5
Flavour characteristics:   Strong, sharp, piquant with a broader European flavour
Culinary:  Raw, Sautee & Roasting
Climate:  Mediterranean, Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate, Cold Climate
Regions:  NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and QLD – but cooler, elevated regions
Growth cycle:  5.5 – 7.0 months
Bulb Arrangement:  Single layer radial pattern
Clove Shape:  Large wedge-shaped cloves

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