Gossimer- WHITE (Turban) Seed Bulb

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This is a WHITE strain of the Gossimer (Turban) garlic that naturally appeared 4 seasons ago and has continued to produce a white bulb skin, however the flavour is in everyway the same as the parent Gossimer garlic.

Some consider Gossimer to be Master Jack’s rival as Best Flavoured Garlic in our Garlic Shed Taste Tours. It is the perfect combination and balance of both Master Jack’s creamy, nutty true garlic flavours and Ruby Ann’s Spicy, nutty flavours.

Origin:  Breed created by Tasmanian Gourmet Garlic
Garlic seed bulb size:  40mm – 80mm (diameter)
Natural storage: 4-5 mths
Plantable Cloves per Bulb:  7-9
Harvest:  Early Harvest, when died back to 4 green leaves
Flavour intensity:  4.5/5
Heat intensity:  4.2/5
Flavour characteristics:   Strong, rich, nutty, spicy
Culinary:  Raw, Sautee & Roasting
Climate:  Mediterranean, Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate, Cold Climate
Regions:  NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and QLD – but cooler, elevated regions
Growth cycle:  5.5 – 7.0 months
Bulb Arrangement:  Single layer radial pattern
Clove Shape:  Large wedge-shaped cloves

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